What is the Evil Eye?

We often get asked what the Blue Eye / Evil Eye is all about.

In Turkish we call it Nazar and I will try and shed some light on this beautiful blue eye.

The Nazar or Blue Evil Eye is an amulet that has been used for centuries in the Middle East to protect and ward off negative energies.

Traditionally it was used as both a charm worn by individuals, as well as a decoration for the home. Over the centuries it spread through the Mediterranean finding its way to the shores of countries throughout the world.

Many cultures still believe in the power of the eye, an all- seeing positive energy that creates harmony, happiness and protection for those who have it near. Some people are capable of giving you the “evil eye”, a look or gaze given with ill intent. That which could be envy, jealously or even a lot of praise. Such a look will attract negative energy, some say bad luck. The eye set in a blue background reflects the evil intent back to the onlooker and hence protects you.

Nazar Boncuks (beads) can be set in other colours for fashion purposes but blue is the authentic colour. Don’t worry your coloured Nazars will protect you just the same.

One important thing to remember is that if your Nazar Boncuk is cracked or broken for whatever reason, it’s believed that it worked and protected you from the ‘evil eye’.

In today’s world we need all the luck we can get, so get yourself a Nazar and have it near.