Turkish Hand Towels


Our beautifully crafted turkish towels come in wonderful designs, contemporary colours and of course different sizes! Introducing our stylish collection of turkish hand towels. Our turkish hand towels are made from the same authentic 100% turkish cotton and like our larger towel range, they are also made using our own unique designs so you won’t be able to find them anywhere else!

Our turkish hand towels, known in Turkey as Peskir (pronounced pesh-keer) can be used in an array of ways such as a hand towel for your bathroom, a smaller towel for your hair to match your bath towel, or even a napkin to impress your dinner guests! We have a range of basic turkish hand towels (smaller versions of our basic turkish towel) as well as the luxurious Herringbone range which is made with a thicker weave of authentic turkish cotton making them ideal for a bathroom or for guests.