Turkish Beach Towels


When turkish towels were originally designed (the peshtemal) they were created for people using turkish baths in Turkey. Little did they know that the turkish towel would actually prove to be the perfect beach towel for the modern beach goer!

Turkish beach towels are different to your normal beach towel; beach towels traditionally can be bulky, they hold a lot of water (and dirt!) and are a pain when they’re wet! Turkish beach towels are the complete opposite; a turkish beach towel is thin and lightweight, meaning it won’t take up much room in your beach bag or be hard to throw over your shoulder. Not only are our turkish beach towels thin and light, they are also quick-drying and super-absorbent; no need to wait around for your towel to dry out or dealing with smelly, damp towels at the end of the day at the beach!

Our collection of turkish beach towels come in a wonderful array of rainbow colours, stylish and contemporary patterns and different sizes, so you’re sure to find a style to suit you. We love our nautical Carnival collection of turkish beach towels, or the beautifully bright block colours of our Mimoza collection. Why not buy his and hers beach towels? And don’t forget that a turkish beach towel makes the perfect gift for any occasion! All of our turkish towels including our beach range are made from 100% authentic turkish cotton so you are guaranteed quality.