Large Turkish Towels


If you’re looking for something a little larger than the norm, perhaps you like to have that little bit of extra space when sunbathing, share your towel with a partner, or maybe use your towel more as a throw for picnics or family outings, our Jumbo turkish towel range will have the perfect towel for you. Our collection of large turkish towels come in various contemporary designs and in an array of stylish colours to make sure you can find the right towel to suit you or whoever you are buying the towel for. As with all of the towels in our collection, our large turkish towels are made from 100% authentic turkish cotton with hand knotted fringing.

Large turkish towels are always a great gift for a couple (who then only have to worry about taking one towel to the beach!) or a new mum who can throw it down for her and baby ensuring that you can feel the quality of the material in a modern style that will be the envy of friends and family. Available in a range of colours, take a closer look at our authentic large turkish towels online.