Turkish Bath Towels


Our soft turkish towels are perfect for the bathroom! Often turkish towels are stereotyped as just being good to take to the beach or pool due to their nature of being lightweight and easy to carry, but our soft collections add a new dimension to this incredibly versatile towel. The soft towels create the perfect turkish bath towel as the cotton we use is luxurious in it’s nature, and even softer than our normal turkish cotton. How are they different to our other turkish towels? Well it is the method used to weave and wash this wonderful cotton that ensures that each towel is perfectly soft and luxurious to touch.

Our turkish bath towels are not only soft and luxurious, but are still lightweight and quick-drying, so they won’t take up valuable space in your bathroom, making room for more towels of different colours, designs, shapes and sizes! Impress guests with matching designs and colours, complimented with beautifully hand woven tassels. Don’t forget, all of our turkish bath towels are made from 100% turkish cotton so you can rest assured you are buying quality produce every time.