Basic Turkish Towel


Our basic turkish towel range is where we started; robust, lightweight and super-absorbent our towels are perfect for pretty much any occasion. We have created unique colours and styles in this collection that are subtle in design but speak volumes in style. You won’t find these designs anywhere else, and each of our basic turkish towels are made from 100% authentic turkish cotton, so when you are throwing your towel down on the sand you can relax on our wonderful but practical fabrics.

If you are looking for a turkish towel for the beach or pool, to take along to a picnic or gathering, or to hang with pride in your bathroom, you are sure to find a towel to suit your own personality amongst this beautiful collection. Don’t forget turkish towels make the perfect gift for any occasion, for both men and women, and are reasonably priced to reflect the quality of the product you are purchasing (don’t be fooled by cheaper, lower quality replicas!).