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Spring is on it’s way and spots are in!

As Europe is enjoying the last month or two of it’s fine summer weather here in Australia we are still rugging up waiting for spring to hit… but rest easy, it’s certainly on it’s way! We’ve been fortunate enough to have such a beautiful winter with glorious sunshine and blue skies, although not quite beach weather for most of us!

With spring on the way we wanted to make sure that you guys are ready for those days in the park, afternoons down the beach and enjoying the great outdoors in general. We know our customers are stylish, modern and like to stand out from the crowd, which is why at Delightfully Turkish we like to bring you unique turkish towel designs and colours that no-one else can!

This spring make sure you stand out from the rest… Turkish towels have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, with cheaper imitation versions popping up everywhere (you can even find a “turkish towel” in K-Mart now!). But we know our customers aren’t fooled; our collection of Turkish towels are authentic and made from 100% turkish cotton, no matter what thickness, style or design the come in.