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Turkish Winter Warmers

Well now we’re well and truly in the middle of Australia’s winter time (for most of us in Australia anyway!) it’s definitely a lot chillier than we’re used to, day and night! In fact it’s actually been one of the coldest winters on record for a long time, go figure! Although it has been cold the sun has still be shining, keeping us warm during the day, but what do you do when the sun goes down?

Usually when you think of a turkish towel you think of sunshine, the beach, a picnic, something associate with warm weather at least! But have you ever considered that turkish towels aren’t just for summer? We love nothing more here at Delightfully Turkish to wrap ourselves up in one of our thick and luxurious Herringbone turkish towels. Or even one of our new Pom Pom collection of turkish towels. You see, we think outside of the box here at Delightfully Turkish (and are also kind of obsessed with turkish towels in case you didn’t notice!), and we don’t just use our towels as towels; they made a fantastic addition to your home decor. We have our stylish towels draped over the back of our lounge for those chilly nights when you just need to keep your tootsies warm or wrap it round your shoulders! We have one casually laid across the bottom of our bed to add an extra colour and texture element (which compliments the excessive amount of pillows and cushions of course) that we can pull up as an extra layer when it’s a really cold night. As our turkish bath towels are made from a thicker turkish cotton they double up as a stylish lightweight blanket for those winter nights.

But it’s not just about towels… we also have a collection of turkish blankets, each of them a unique design to Delightfully Turkish that you won’t find anywhere else. Our beautiful turkish cotton blankets come in an array of colours for you to choose from, to suit any taste or home decor. And don’t forget, even though these turkish blankets are perfect for rugging up on winter evenings, then also then make the perfect picnic blanket in the warmer months!

Turkish towels, turkish blankets, we’re mad about them. They’re so versatile you really can use them come rain or shine, hot or cold, and the quality of the cotton cannot be beaten (and did we mention that our products are all made from 100% authentic turkish cotton?). A beautiful addition to your home, a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one, or just a treat for yourself!