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Why I love my turkish towel; all year round

I would firstly like to say, that I do not work for Delightfully Turkish, nor am I Turkish myself. I am however a newly converted lover of the turkish towel, and a keen blogger and thought I would dedicate a word or two to the turkish towel, to the friend who first introduced me to them.

I love summer. Coming from the colder climates of the UK I couldn’t wait for the sunshine to arrive in Spring, get on my swimmers and head to one of the many amazing beaches that Sydney had to offer me. Slip, slap, slop and away I went for a swim, although usually not too far for fear of being the next star of Bondi rescue! Then back to the beach to bask in the glorious sun, taking selfies for my friends back at home (who were in the middle of winter suffering through rain, sleet and snow).

The only problem with this summery scene is actually something that didn’t bother me too much at first (probably as I didn’t know much better). My towel. I hate sand so I always tend to buy a bigger beach towel (and maybe for other reasons too…). All the more for soaking up the salt water, which then gets stuck with sand, and before you know it my beach bag is bulging with a heavy, wet smelly towel, which I have to lug to my car that’s usually parked in the next suburb due to Sydney’s parking conditions!

I then met the turkish beach towel. Just to be clear, I LOVE MY TURKISH TOWEL. Firstly, I didn’t give a second thought to how big my old towel was, and how I had to take a big beach bag every time just to accommodate it. My turkish beach towel was so slimline and light, despite its generous size, it fits into the majority of my handbags let alone beach bags. Which as it turns out, was perfect for my lifestyle; if I’m out and about I’ll always take my turkish towel with me as it makes a great rug to sit just about anywhere (with just about anyone if you’re willing to share, there’s plenty room).

Then came the real test; how would my turkish towel cope with salt water? Or any water for that matter… surely it’s too thin and elegant to do any sort of robust drying. But it turned out to be super absorbent, a pleasant surprise, which was then surpassed by how quickly it dried! A-mazing! So I shall leave you with my final turkish towel tale of the day; even though it is now dry and ready to take up in the very bag you brought it in, why not try something different? I say as I wrap my turkish beach towel around my waist as my new baby blue sarong and walk off.

My sources also tell me there’s such a thing as the turkish bath towel… so watch this space for my next adventure.