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Why Turkish Towels are great corporate gifts, gifts for clients & promotional items for summer

Turkish towels are becoming extremely popular as most wanted gifts, and their popularity continues to grow. They are the perfect item to say ‘Thank You’, ‘Merry Christmas’ or ‘Here’s to a job well done’! Also, they make a great promotional or corporate product that is different and recipients feel valued when receiving them.

One of the things that I love most about Turkish towels is their versatility. The most obvious use of course is a towel for the beach or pool, but there are so many more. They are truly a seasonless item that can be used throughout your home and daily life to add to your decor or wardrobe. Turkish towels make a great alternative to regular bath towels. They dry quicker and are very absorbent.

Turkish Towels come in all different sizes. If you’re looking for something a little larger than the normal towel, perhaps for a client gift, a little bit of extra space while catching some rays or a as a throw for picnics or family outing, then the Jumbo Turkish towels would be ideal. They come in a stunning range of contemporary designs and in an array of stylish colours. With all of the towels in the collection they are made from 100% authentic Turkish cotton with hand knotted fringing.

What I love the most about these Turkish towels is it’s a family run business originally from Turkey and the stunning colourful designs reflect the traditions of turkish towels. In Turkey towel styles/colours reflect the different areas of Turkey and they bring that style to Australia!

Delightfully Turkish can work with you to find the right style of turkish towel, or colour/pattern, that suits your event, promotion of client gift, even going as far to create designs that are unique to you and your brand ( start promoting your brand today!). They offer the opportunity to buy wholesale turkish towels in any form; Turkish beach towels, bath towels, even our turkish bathrobes. They will be more than happy to provide a quote for corporate orders.

You can view they’re different collections available to buy online whether you’re looking for a towel with strong colour blocks such as the Mimoza range or the luxurious Herringbone collection (my personal favourite) of neutral coloured towels with a thicker weave (perfect for a bathroom towel) you are sure to find the perfect turkish towel for ANY occasion.

Don’t wait any longer, with Christmas fast approaching be sure to order some gorgeous Turkish Towels, they make for lovely luxury corporate gifts, business gifts, & gifts for clients or even fantastic promotional items for summer!!!!

Diamonds are a girls (or boys) best friend

Pom pom towels not your thing? But want something a little different from the norm to be that little bit different? How about our new collection of diamond weave turkish towels? Sticking with the thick luxurious turkish cotton, these towels make great bath towels, or even a throw for your lounge or giving you a lovely picnic blanket for the park. With the unique diamond pattern you won’t find any cheap replicas of this turkish towel, they are a design that are completely unique to Delightfully Turkish so stock up while we still have plenty in stock, beat the summer rush!

Of course as much as we love our new collections, the traditional turkish towel, in all of it’s striped glory, is still a firm favourite. We’re just lucky that we get our hands on such a wonderful variety of designs for our customers! What’s your favourite turkish towel design? What will you be rocking this spring?

Spring is on it’s way and spots are in!

As Europe is enjoying the last month or two of it’s fine summer weather here in Australia we are still rugging up waiting for spring to hit… but rest easy, it’s certainly on it’s way! We’ve been fortunate enough to have such a beautiful winter with glorious sunshine and blue skies, although not quite beach weather for most of us!

With spring on the way we wanted to make sure that you guys are ready for those days in the park, afternoons down the beach and enjoying the great outdoors in general. We know our customers are stylish, modern and like to stand out from the crowd, which is why at Delightfully Turkish we like to bring you unique turkish towel designs and colours that no-one else can!

This spring make sure you stand out from the rest… Turkish towels have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years, with cheaper imitation versions popping up everywhere (you can even find a “turkish towel” in K-Mart now!). But we know our customers aren’t fooled; our collection of Turkish towels are authentic and made from 100% turkish cotton, no matter what thickness, style or design the come in.

Turkish Winter Warmers

Well now we’re well and truly in the middle of Australia’s winter time (for most of us in Australia anyway!) it’s definitely a lot chillier than we’re used to, day and night! In fact it’s actually been one of the coldest winters on record for a long time, go figure! Although it has been cold the sun has still be shining, keeping us warm during the day, but what do you do when the sun goes down?

Usually when you think of a turkish towel you think of sunshine, the beach, a picnic, something associate with warm weather at least! But have you ever considered that turkish towels aren’t just for summer? We love nothing more here at Delightfully Turkish to wrap ourselves up in one of our thick and luxurious Herringbone turkish towels. Or even one of our new Pom Pom collection of turkish towels. You see, we think outside of the box here at Delightfully Turkish (and are also kind of obsessed with turkish towels in case you didn’t notice!), and we don’t just use our towels as towels; they made a fantastic addition to your home decor. We have our stylish towels draped over the back of our lounge for those chilly nights when you just need to keep your tootsies warm or wrap it round your shoulders! We have one casually laid across the bottom of our bed to add an extra colour and texture element (which compliments the excessive amount of pillows and cushions of course) that we can pull up as an extra layer when it’s a really cold night. As our turkish bath towels are made from a thicker turkish cotton they double up as a stylish lightweight blanket for those winter nights.

But it’s not just about towels… we also have a collection of turkish blankets, each of them a unique design to Delightfully Turkish that you won’t find anywhere else. Our beautiful turkish cotton blankets come in an array of colours for you to choose from, to suit any taste or home decor. And don’t forget, even though these turkish blankets are perfect for rugging up on winter evenings, then also then make the perfect picnic blanket in the warmer months!

Turkish towels, turkish blankets, we’re mad about them. They’re so versatile you really can use them come rain or shine, hot or cold, and the quality of the cotton cannot be beaten (and did we mention that our products are all made from 100% authentic turkish cotton?). A beautiful addition to your home, a unique and thoughtful gift for a loved one, or just a treat for yourself!

Turkish Towels; styling my bathroom and home

I have never given much thought to styling my bathroom… after spending many years renting in Sydney, I’ve been pretty much stuck with whatever bathroom came with my abode, and hanging my overused (and never big enough) k-mart towels by the shower ready for me to step out without even thinking…

Until I was introduced to the turkish towel, or to be more specific a turkish bath towel. A turkish bath towel is pretty much the same as a normal turkish towel; it’s lightweight (whilst the thicker nature of the turkish bath towels make them feel more luxurious), it dries quickly (which is a necessity given the amount of times I’m in and out of the shower keeping up with a busy social calendar and if I’m feeling lucky, gym timetable!) and doesn’t take up much space.

What I didn’t count on is how these stylish, colourful turkish towels could actually transform my bathroom from dull and standard (I am surrounded by plain white tiles in every direction) to a bright and contemporary space. I didn’t do this with one towel of course… I have a colourful combination of towels (a large turkish towel for the body, one for my hair) and hand towels, in funky patterns that really stand out against the plain background and have even inspired my new colourful scented candles around my tub!

So I was thinking; if a few stylish turkish bath towels and hand towels can brighten up my bathroom and introduce a sense of style, where else could they perk up my home? Aside from the turkish beach towel found hanging in the sun during summer… which is when it hit me. Turkish towels, particularly the larger jumbo kind, make fantastic picnic blankets, so why wouldn’t they make a lovely throw for my lounge and my favourite recliner chair? Well I’ll let you in on a little secret… they did! And now I couldn’t imagine my living room without that splash of style and colour, hiding the more worn parts of my lounge (and keeping my sofa smelling fresh as I can easily and quickly wash and dry my new accessories!). The only problem I’m having now is stopping myself from changing my colour scheme every month as there’s too many choices of contemporary designs and colours… someone help me…

Why I love my turkish towel; all year round

I would firstly like to say, that I do not work for Delightfully Turkish, nor am I Turkish myself. I am however a newly converted lover of the turkish towel, and a keen blogger and thought I would dedicate a word or two to the turkish towel, to the friend who first introduced me to them.

I love summer. Coming from the colder climates of the UK I couldn’t wait for the sunshine to arrive in Spring, get on my swimmers and head to one of the many amazing beaches that Sydney had to offer me. Slip, slap, slop and away I went for a swim, although usually not too far for fear of being the next star of Bondi rescue! Then back to the beach to bask in the glorious sun, taking selfies for my friends back at home (who were in the middle of winter suffering through rain, sleet and snow).

The only problem with this summery scene is actually something that didn’t bother me too much at first (probably as I didn’t know much better). My towel. I hate sand so I always tend to buy a bigger beach towel (and maybe for other reasons too…). All the more for soaking up the salt water, which then gets stuck with sand, and before you know it my beach bag is bulging with a heavy, wet smelly towel, which I have to lug to my car that’s usually parked in the next suburb due to Sydney’s parking conditions!

I then met the turkish beach towel. Just to be clear, I LOVE MY TURKISH TOWEL. Firstly, I didn’t give a second thought to how big my old towel was, and how I had to take a big beach bag every time just to accommodate it. My turkish beach towel was so slimline and light, despite its generous size, it fits into the majority of my handbags let alone beach bags. Which as it turns out, was perfect for my lifestyle; if I’m out and about I’ll always take my turkish towel with me as it makes a great rug to sit just about anywhere (with just about anyone if you’re willing to share, there’s plenty room).

Then came the real test; how would my turkish towel cope with salt water? Or any water for that matter… surely it’s too thin and elegant to do any sort of robust drying. But it turned out to be super absorbent, a pleasant surprise, which was then surpassed by how quickly it dried! A-mazing! So I shall leave you with my final turkish towel tale of the day; even though it is now dry and ready to take up in the very bag you brought it in, why not try something different? I say as I wrap my turkish beach towel around my waist as my new baby blue sarong and walk off.

My sources also tell me there’s such a thing as the turkish bath towel… so watch this space for my next adventure.

November & December Festivals

Our new collection of towels are now in stock, beautiful colours, designs and a variety of cotton and cotton/linen weaves and we want to share these with you.

November & December has us doing lots of festivals – See the list below for all our activities;

Thursday 17, Friday 18 & Saturday 19 November between 10am and 4pm Daily

Saturday 19 November between 12 – 5.30pm

Sunday 20 November between 9.00am to 4.00pm
Glebe Street Fair – Glebe

Saturday 26 November between 10am to 5.00pm
Trinity Family Fiesta – Stanmore

Sunday 27 November between 9am to 3.00pm
Cambridge Christmas Fair – Vaucluse Public School, Cambridge Ave Vaucluse

Sunday 27 November between 10am to 4.00pm
Light Up Ryde – Ryde

Saturday 3 December between 9am to 6pm
Coogee Family Fun Day – Coogee Beach

February !!

Wonderful February is upon us and love is in the air !! Wishing you all a very special Valentines’s Day!!

Weekly Markets for February;

  • Every Friday at The Beaches Market, Pittwater Rugby Park (Rat Park), Pittwater Road, Warriewood from 8am to 1.00pm
  • Every Saturday EQ Village Market, the Showring Moore Park from 8.00 to 2.00pm

Monthly Markets;

  • Third Saturday of the month, Gerrringong Markets, from 8.30 to 2.00pm
  • Fourth Sunday of the month, Coledale Markets, Coledale Public School from 8.30am to 3.00pm

We frequent various Markets on Sundays so either drop has a call at 0411 155 015 or follow us on Facebook

Hope to see you at one of these wonderful events xx

Please call us if in doubt!
Mobile +61411 155 015

DT xxx

Festive Season

Happy end of the year and seasons greetings from the team at Delightfully Turkish.

Our online store is open and we are despatching orders as per our shipping guidelines over Christmas and early new year.

Wishing all our new and existing customers a very Merry Christmas and relaxing fun filled festive season ahead.

Thank you for all the wonderful support during 2015 and we hope those of you who were lucky enough to receive one of our Turkish Towels as a Christmas gift this year are delighted and addicted :)

Merry Christmas
DT Team x

Christmas will be here before we know it!

November already and before we know it will be Christmas ! Have you started your Christmas shopping or are you like us and leave it all to the last minute. Either way, our soft natural cotton Turkish towels are on trend and ever so popular as Christmas presents. Unisex, suitable for all age groups the hardest decision is which colour to pick! We say, it doesn’t matter – our Turkish towels are so addictive it is difficult stopping at only one.

We have so many fairs leading up to Christmas so you will have plenty of opportunity to find us at one of these great events.

November markets and festivals – See the list below for all our activities;

Sunday 1 November between 10.00am to 4.00pm

Sunday 8 November between 10.00am to 4.00pm
NEWTOWN FESTIVAL- Camperdown Memorial Rest Park

Sunday 15 November between 10.00am to 4.00pm
GLEBE STREET FAIR – Glebe Point Road, Glebe

Thursday 19, Friday 20 & Saturday 21 November – 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Weekly Markets for August;

  • Every Friday at The Beaches Market, Pittwater Rugby Park (Rat Park), Pittwater Road, Warriewood from 8am to 1.00pm
  • Every Saturday EQ Village Market, the Showring Moore Park from 8.00 to 2.00pm

Monthly Markets;

  • Third Saturday of the month, Gerrringong Markets, from 8.30 to 2.00pm
  • Fourth Sunday of the month, Coledale Markets, Coledale Public School from 8.30am to 3.00pm

We frequent various Markets on Sundays so either drop has a call at 0411 155 015 or follow us on Facebook

Hope to see you at one of these wonderful events xx

Please call us if in doubt!
Mobile +61411 155 015

DT xxx